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Following is a quick primer on the coin biz. If you have any questions, please e-mail me for clarification.

The design is something we do at no charge provided our company gets the exclusive rights to any relative production. The I.P (Intellectual Property) or copyright is shared between the customer and ourselves. Neither party can use the art without the permission of the other. Should the customer wish to purchase the art from us (to use completely at their own discretion) a price can be negotiated for the purchase, and the copyright relinquished.

Once a design is decided upon, dies must be made. The cost varies depending upon the complexity of the design. This is an up front cost and requires payment in full prior to the production of samples.

Upon completion of the die, a pre-production sample is provided to you to ensure that all aspects are correct and to your liking. This process (from receipt of payment to delivery of sample) normally takes about 20 production days.

We work on a standard coin size of 4mm thick x 45mm diameter. This enables us to provide a supply of standard presentation boxes on an as required basis.

Minimum order is 100 coins. Re-orders can be any quantity over 50 pieces and normally take about 20 working days.

The higher the quantity ordered, the lower the per unit price. The per unit cost varies depending on the complexity. Once we determine the design of your coin, we will get a firm quotation from our foundry prior to any financial committment.

Once the sample is approved, it takes about 30 working days to complete, inspect, package and ship the order.

Coins can be personalized with regimental numbers, call signs or sequentially numbered using a state of the art laser engraver.

While most manufacturers are satisfied with zinc alloy castings, we prefer the quality of die struck cartridge brass. There are a number of 'finish options' including a choice of gold, brass, silver, nickel or bronze - in brilliant or antiqued patina. Our bright gold coins are finished with a 24k gold electroplate to assure long life and protection against tarnishing.

The coins come individually packaged a clear vinyl protective sleeve. You can order a clear circular plastic display box or a beautifully crafted velvet presentation box. These are a stock items which can be ordered at any time and in any quantity you require.


If you have any questions, please call Rod at (403) 271-5926



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If you have any questions, please call ROD McLEOD at (403) 271-5926
or e-mail at: